The World Of Cabana

The World Of Cabana

Immerse yourself in the richly curated world of the Milanese design visionaries, currently being showcased in a pop-up at Le Bristol Paris between June 30th and July 13th.

Martina Mondadori - editor of Cabana magazine
Martina Mondadori - editor of Cabana magazine of
Discover Martina Mondadori's sumptuous style
Discover Martina Mondadori's sumptuous style of
The palazzo aesthetic
The palazzo aesthetic of
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"It was clear from the beginning that it would develop into much more than a magazine."

The words of Martina Mondadori, editor of cult interiors magazine Cabana, which over the past few years has developed a devoted following among some of the world’s leading tastemakers. The Cabana aesthetic – extravagantly beautiful homes filled with eclectic, highly individual objects, layered textures, bold colours and patterns, all curated with an unerring eye – is unmistakable. Although the homes featured are often very grand and old, and filled with historical pieces, the overall feel is somehow decidedly modern.

The magazine launched when Mondadori noticed the art world turning away from the minimalistic look and craving a more beautiful, visually rich landscape. Few would be a better fit for the task than her.

"Magazines were familiar to me,” says Mondadori, whose grandfather founded the famous Mondadori publishing company in Milan. "They’re a flagship to showcase an idea, just like a store window."

"Our visual identity is very strong because I grew up in that world,” she adds. "My father was an obsessive collector of objects and my mother’s best friends were often designers. I was very nervous about launching something new but surprisingly the first interest in Cabana came from the fashion world – creative directors and stylists – rather than the interiors community. They had this thirst for a very visual world before anyone else did.”

The World of Cabana
The World of Cabana
The World of Cabana
The World of Cabana

Showcasing some of the most beautiful – not to say idiosyncratic – homes in the world, Mondadori decided to go one step further, turning the powerful Cabana aesthetic into a series of curated collections for sale on the upscale auction site 1stdibs. And now the magazine is collaborating with Eden Being to host a one-off pop-up of beautiful bespoke objects for sale at Le Bristol Paris.

"There will be jewellery and clothing, and as the Cabana world is very much related to entertaining, there will be a lot around the table,” she says. "Special ceramics, handprinted plates, block-printed Italian tablecloths, glassware from Venice, all in reds and blues that go with everything. There’s a handmade element to every piece and it has taken us two years to source the right craftsmen in Spain, Hungary and Italy for the event.”

Set in a typical Cabana home, each piece has a story to it – much like, Mondadori observes, Le Bristol itself. "When we choose houses for the magazine, the most important thing is that they have soul,” says Mondadori. "Le Bristol is the same. These famous hotels have a genuine history and authenticity to them that you can feel when you’re there. With so many new places opening up all the time, you really cherish the ones with such a strong DNA and identity.”

"My mum used to take me with her on her trips to Paris, even when not planned. I remember a couple of times she would pick me up at school on a Friday afternoon and say "Shall we go to Paris?". Le Bristol was our home away from home, I would chase other kids in the crystal elevator and have delicious desserts for tea in the tea room. I still love to go there now."

Running from late June 2017, all the items at the Cabana pop-up will be available for sale here at