Fred Buyle at St Barths

At Eden Rock - St Barths

Learn Free Diving with a World Champion

March 2017 - Eden Rock – St Barths

Oetker Collection and the SomeWhere Club bring together Fred Buyle and Eden Rock – St Barths for an extraordinary free diving experience.

Portrait of Fred Buyle

Fred Buyle is a freediver and under water photographer born in 1972. Since his childhood he has been in contact with the sea, spending several months a year on the family’s sailboat. At the age of 10, he discovers free diving. He sets his 1st world record in 1995 and then decides to dedicate his life to freediving. He achieves three more world records between 1997 and 2000. In 1999, Frederic passes the100m’s mythical barrier on one breath of air, being the 8th person to do so. In 2002, he starts underwater photography to show the beauty of freediving and the underwater world.

Fred Buyle

Fred Buyle, freediver and under water photographer

Fred comes from an artistic background. His grand grand father was a pioneer of photography in the 1890’ as well as art collector, his grand father was a painter and his father an advertising and fashion photographer during the 60’. His work shows these various influences.

All his pictures and images are taken in freediving action and using only available light in order to minimise the impact on the ecosystem.

Concerned by conservations issues for many years, in 2005 Fred Buyle starts to work with marine biologists to assist them in their field work. He uses his freediving abilities to approach the animals and perform tasks such as acoustic and satellite tagging or DNA sampling on sharks. During these missions, Fred documents the field work to contribute to conservation on a larger scale through talks, conferences. Numerous NGO’s are using his material for their conservation campaigns. His approach to conservation pushes forward the concept of positive imagery versus the catastrophism widely used in the media nowadays.


As an experienced freediving instructor Fred will teach you the latest freediving techniques to give you access to the underwater world in the most natural way. West Indies are the perfect place to freedive: beautiful reefs, warm and clear water where you’ll be able to encounter many marine species.

During the week you’ll go through different freediving sessions in the pool and in the ocean. In the pool you’ll practice to improve your breath hold as well as acquiring useful skills to move smoothly underwater.

During the open water sessions you’ll learn how to dive deeper in a relaxed way and discover the reefs and its habitants.

The main goal of the week is to spend in the waters surrounding the island and discover the wildlife. If you are an underwater photographer or you’d like to give it a try Fred will be happy to help you getting the best of your equipment.

At the end of the experience, if you wish, you’ll be able to get an SSI international freediving certification.

Fred Buyle

Discover the wildlife

For information on this experience, please contact Eden Rock – St Barths:
+33 (0)5 90 29 79 99