Villa Stéphanie – House of Wellbeing

Discover what makes a stay at our Destination Spa so unique

In the Villa Stéphanie a spa world exists that bears the character of a large private house. The sensuality of the experience makes the Villa Stéphanie a holistic destination spa with maximum individualization.

It is the joy that a healthy life brings nurtured by the various impressions, perceptions and maximum benefits from all areas. Factors such as discretion, deceleration, intimacy, refined elegance and spa culture characterise Villa Stéphanie as a living environment in which unexpected dimensions of wellbeing can be reached.

Recuperation and harmony have their source in the building’s impressive history, in the magnificent natural surrounds of the private park and in all aspects of the Villa Stéphanie’s ambience – all looked after with the utmost dedication.


Spa lounge