Fregate Island Private is a secluded paradise, just four degrees south of the equator and 35 miles off the Seychelles’ Mahé coast. The island is the perfect place to explore the natural habitats of many indigenous species including giant tortoise and sea turtles, while immersed in superlative luxury. Capturing the essence of this natural wonder we have curated a selection of pieces perfect for your explorer spirit as you discover the many living treasures and secluded beaches.


Fregate Island Private is a secluded paradise, four degrees south of the equator and 55 kilometers (35 miles) off Seychelles' Mahé coast. Guests will not only discover the castaway idyll of their dreams, but also experience relaxed luxury upon this island pearl.


Fregate Island Private

Unique on the Planet

The unspoiled and lovingly tended natural world of the island is home to free roaming giant Aldabra tortoises, sea turtles and a variety of rare and exotic birds, all cared for in an ambitious conservation programme. Nestled amidst the flora and fauna by the sea are 16 residences crafted in Balau wood, each with private pool and beach buggy. Guests are greeted by their Private Assistant who is dedicated to making sure their every desire is fulfilled.


Aldabra Tortoise

An Eden of Discovery

What makes us unique: home to 2,200 free-roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises, safeguarding the nests of hundreds of endangered Hawksbill Turtles, a sanctuary to hundred thousands of tropical birds (more than 100 species), 16 beautifully crafted Residences (400-700 sqm) with grand private pools, 7 beaches, one frequently voted "most beautiful in the world", an inspiring natural outdoor playground for children.


An Eden of discovery