Angela Missoni

Angela Missoni Talks Design

Angela Missoni Talks Design

While some brands go to great lengths to promote their distinctiveness, others have an easier time establishing brand identity, as their values are so intrinsically tied to the founders and their broader lifestyles. The inherent ideals that define Missoni include craftsmanship, bien vivre, and the importance of the home environment, which is an ever-changing oasis of emotion and curiosity. We interviewed Angela Missoni about her design standards and on the importance of home and family.

Your villa in Sumirago is a historic residence that has become an integral part of the town’s panorama. How did you find it?

Before moving to the villa I lived in a typical Lombard house that was rectangular in shape with a steep garden. I had been looking for another residence for years and I never thought about building my own until one day a dear friend of mine discovered a villa in Sumirago while browsing through some architecture magazines at the dentist’s waiting room. The moment I entered the villa and saw the garden and the modern architecture I realised I had found what I was looking for. Besides the garden with a beautiful view of Monte Rosa – a family obsession – designed by renowned Italian landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, what really impressed me was the stone flooring, known as Serizzo Ghiandone. Unfortunately when we were re-structuring the windows and implementing sliding doors, we had to build rails on the floor and this was the most upsetting part of the refurbishment for me personally. I decided to focus more on the interiors leaving the structural architecture untouched. We changed the staircase because in its original position it was facing the basement. When I saw the gangplank used by the builders I fashioned a new idea for what later became the actual staircase. Another peculiar trait of the house is the big patio with an inside pool that we created by closing the porch and transforming it into a large dining room for when we entertain many guests.

How has growing up in a family where you live by the values of craftsmanship, savoir faire, bien vivre and design shaped your professional career?

Everything is really spontaneous. Even if we were born and raised within the same family we were three siblings with very different aesthetic sensibilities. Between the three of us I’m the only one that has always expressed a deep passion for design… and for fashion of course.

Missoni has always embodied a model of family before brand. What does conviviality mean to you?

Conviviality is an essential element in everyday life. Family, and in a larger sense our friends, represent creative motors as they help imagination blossom by brining new ideas and new people into our lives.

What is your favourite room in the villa?

The kitchen. It has been designed piece by piece and it’s one of the few kitchens with a view, you can see all the tableware. The furniture is transparent, I chose to have white marble and I designed the light wooden table myself. It was inspired by the memories of the kitchen we had in our country home where we spent our weekends. We didn’t occupy the whole surface for eating, but rather it became a worktable for all of our cooking tools like our rolling pin. I like cooking, I like entertaining, and I like welcoming and making my guests feel at home.


Angela Missoni

We often underestimate the importance of colours in furnishing our living spaces. Do you carefully plan how to match colours or do you just trust your instincts?

My ideal home should be a very simple and clean canvas. Then I take care of furnishing the interiors by creating partially unstable combinations and situations. I’m not a fan of rigid things. Most of the time people tend to furnish their spaces with too much rationality when, in my opinion, a sort of carelessness doesn’t hurt.

Where do you think Missoni’s love for colour came from?

I think it comes from the sense of freedom and the desire for adventure of my parents. They have definitely influenced me, and more than anything I’m not afraid to confront colour. Actually I take pleasure in the joy that comes from matching two unexpected hues.

Do you often work from home or do you prefer having your work and living spaces separated?

I tend to have business meetings at home and I tend the company as my home.

What’s the best part of sharing an intimate space with friends?

Being able to knit an atmosphere where everybody can feel comfortable. You need a sort of magic to be able to do this.

Sharing moments with friends or acquaintances at home can be intimate. Have you ever had guests over that you didn’t know?

Certainly, many times my children have brought “new entries” to our home.

What has been the highest number of participants you have hosted at a dinner party?

For Bruno’s birthday (my partner) we hosted 95 guests. It’s a lot of people but rarely do I organise seated dinners, so in the end there is always room for everybody.

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Text by Enrico Grigoletti
Creative Director - J.J. Martin
Portrait Photography - Alberto Zanetti
Fashion Director - Viviana Volpicella
Location Photography - Mattia Iotti