French Bistro Excellence: Lazare Paris

A Day in the Life at Eden Rock–St Barths by Michael Gramm

2 MIN See our dedicated team of Eden Rockers photographed in action by local St Barths photographer Michael Gramm.

Interview with a Modern Day Butler

2 MIN Loric is our brilliant Senior Butler at Eden Rock Villa Rental. Loric joined the team at Eden Rock–St Barths in 2014, and his innate gift for hospitality has helped to create the unforgettable atmosphere we pride ourselves upon.


The Michelin Star System Explained (With Pictures)

4 MIN Everyone knows that Michelin-starred restaurants offer the finest food in any given city, but do you really know what to expect from one star, two stars and three? Allow us to give you the low-down…


Pink Martini Nights at Burle Bar, Palácio Tangará

1 MIN Experience la vie en rose at Pink Martini Night—every Wednesday at Palácio Tangará’s ground floor Burle Bar.

Sebastian Wehrle Photography Exhibitions

2 MIN Sebastian Wehrle is a photographer living in working in the Black Forest region of Germany.

What can Roucou Oil do for Your Summer Tan?

2 MIN The summer rays are at peak intensity, inviting sunbathers everywhere to get a tantastic glow.


Double the Pleasure at Spa Eden-Roc

2 MIN At Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Spa Eden-Roc by La Prairie is offering an exclusive duo full-body treatment using beautiful, organic products from Bamford.


French Bistro Excellence: Lazare Paris

2 MIN Lazare Paris is a brasserie-style restaurant located within the Gare Saint-Lazare in the 9tharrondissement.

Eddy’s: A Gustavia Must

1 MIN The cheekily named Eddy’s Ghetto has been a St Barths fixture for French/Créole cooking since 1995.

Where to Shop in Paris (An Insider Tip)

1 MIN Do you find yourself in the shopping mood when you’re in Paris? The City of Light tends to have that effect.