Jumby Bay Island is Now Open!

Do you feel like escaping to a secluded Caribbean island right about now? Jumby Bay Island reopens today to welcome you for a peaceful, replenishing and incredibly fun all-inclusive getaway in sunny Antigua. Set your watch to island time!

Picture yourself lying under a beach umbrella on a palm-fringed shore overlooking the turquoise blue water, the joyful Jumby Bay team at your service to bring you a tasty cocktail or freshly made tropical fruit juice. Here, you can turn off all of your devices and no one will disturb you unless you want them to. Meanwhile, the kids can spend the day fully engaged at the Jumby Explorers Kids Club or enjoying a complete range of exhilarating water sports. The only decision to make is which swimsuit to wear…

Jumby Bay’s reopening is limited to its 28 luxurious suites and the island’s Private Villas and Residences to allow for increased space for a select number of guests. With à la carte all-inclusive dining, a full-service spa and a daily programme of activities for guests of all ages, the island truly has everything that individuals, couples and families need for a safe and memorable holiday in a private Caribbean paradise.

Ready to enjoy some rejuvenating rest and a healthy dose of Caribbean fun?

Don’t wait another day. Book your stay at Jumby Bay.


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