London Cocktail Week: Napoleon Espresso Martini Recipe

For 2020, London Cocktail Week has been extended to last the entire month of October. During this most delightfully intoxicating festival, London’s best-loved bars offer a small selection of 1-3 signature cocktails for a discounted rate of only £6 to festival ticketholders. Some bars are even offering non-alcoholic options. This year, The Library Bar at Lanesborough London is hosting festival goers to experience the delicious Napoleon Espresso Martini.

Not in London this month? No worries. The Library Bar is giving Eden Being readers the insider treatment with the Napoleon Espresso Martini recipe. Make it at home and enjoy the sweet satisfaction of a tipple handmade by you!

Here’s how it’s made…



20 ml crunchy honey syrup*
15 ml Amaretto
45 ml coffee or double espresso
50 ml softened Hennessy VS Cognac with butter**



Shake all the ingredients well in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
Strain and serve in your favourite coupe or martini glass.



Crushed amaretti biscuit rimmed glass + 3 coffee beans


Crunchy honey syrup

Dissolve 1 part honey into 1 part hot water.
Add 1 Amaretti biscuits per 100 ml.
Mix in a blender and set aside it to rest until cold.
Strain through a cheesecloth muslin into a bottle and keep in the fridge.


** Softened Hennessy VS Cognac with butter

Use 200g of butter per 700 ml Hennessy VS bottle.
Gently warm 200 ml Hennessy VS Cognac with 200g unsalted butter in a pot over medium heat.
Stir to dissolve the butter and then pour in the rest of the Hennessy VS cognac.
Continue to stir until well dissolved and allow to cool at room temperature.
Store in a freezer for 24 hours, allowing the butter to solidify.
Fine strain the liquid back into the Hennessy VS bottle.


Cheers! Happy London Cocktail Week (Month)!

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