Jumby Bay Reopens 7 November! Interview with Managing Director Aleksandra Vukojevic

Soft white sand beneath your feet, the calming sound of lapping waves and the warmth of sun on your back; it has to be Jumby Bay. We are delighted to announce our private island resort will reopen on 7 November. We caught up with Managing Director, Aleksandra Vukojevic, to find out more about just what makes Jumby Bay a truly unforgettable destination.


What is it like arriving at Jumby Bay Island by boat?

Stepping aboard your private ferry ride signals the start of your holiday; like a bell that announces it is time to take a deep breath, relax and leave all your stress behind. You are ready to experience a taste of unscripted and unhurried life at Jumby Bay.


Can the Jumby Bay Residence private chef really cook me anything I want?

Yes, our private chefs are trained to meet all our guest needs and preference. They will often get in touch with guests prior to their arrival to arrange set menus and understand any food restrictions. From then, the magic happens. Our private chefs are known to throw in a few surprises too, always going the extra mile  to source the best fresh local ingredients. They love to add a taste of the island to your food so you can truly experience the flavour of island life.


Can I host a special event in a Villa or Residence?

Absolutely. Each of our villas are unique and feature one-of-a-kind details. Each has its own signature décor, perfect for celebrating a special occasion.


What are some of the best ways to enjoy the island with young children?

Our 300-acre private island is a place where children (and parents) re-discover freedom. No keys, no cars, only bikes and a vast stretch of breathtaking nature surrounds you. Our Jumby Explorers Kids Club programme changes on a daily basis according to what our youngest VIP guests need or want.


What makes Jumby Bay Island stand out from other elite Caribbean destinations?

Jumby Bay is a truly exceptional setting. Our à la carte all-inclusive offer ranges from a delicious hamburger or a wrap at the Beach Shack to indulging in an artistic sole dish in our gastronomic restaurant, The Estate House. The island exudes the feeling of being in a private club. When you’re not relaxing on white sand beaches, you can enjoy snorkelling, sailboarding and sailing, biking, cruises, tennis and even nature walks. Soak up the atmosphere with a local farm visit during the day or watch the incredible Hawksbill turtle nesting after dark. From start to finish, a visit to Jumby Bay Island is sure to provide you with unforgettable memories and a longing to return to the world of barefoot luxury.


Escape to a private island paradise for a truly replenishing break with Jumby Bay’s generous Opening Offer.

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