Studio Harcourt Paris: Capturing You at Your Best

Situated in the heart of the enchanting 16th arrondissement in Paris, Studio Harcourt is Paris’ go-to address for professional photography with an iconic touch. Their headshots have immortalised countless stars, and their interactive workshops and sumptuous event spaces provide a truly unique experience in the heart of Paris.

Awarded the title of a Living Heritage Company, Studio Harcourt is a place of rich artistic and photographic history. After the challenges and travel restrictions of recent months, a post-lockdown portrait taken in the surrounds of a beautiful 19th century hotel particulier helps you launch your next chapter in undeniable elegance. Time is precious, and the talented team at Studio Harcourt knows how to capture it with excellence.

The Portrait Prestige

Embrace a special Parisian moment as you sit quietly under a symphony of lights and feel the attention and care of the studio’s experts. You’ll follow in the footsteps of famous Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves and Cate Blanchett, world-class entertainers like Josephine Baker, and fashion icons Jean Paul Gaultier and Adriana Lima. With the greatest respect for the photographic art, the Portrait Prestige photo session unfolds. The esteemed photographer captures the glimmer in your eyes, your emotion and your authentic self in a close-up. The result is a striking headshot or personal portrait. A moment in time, captured beautifully forever.


Studio Harcourt will be reopening soon in Paris, and when they do, they will be ready for your close-up…

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