Le Bristol Returns: September 1, 2020

Oetker Collection’s Parisian home has made productive use of the time while the rooms and corridors stand empty (the first time since the hotel opened in 1925) to put the finishing touches on its wonderful refurbishments. Le Bristol Paris will reopen its doors on the first of September for a highly anticipated unveiling of its renewed suites by Countess Bergit Douglas and MM-Design, and a magnificent new courtyard garden by Lady Arabella.

A stay at Le Bristol is like a dream come true, and the dream will only intensify upon the hotel’s reopening. The newly redesigned rooms and suites are filled with precious materials, plush fabrics and elegant tonalities that will seduce you with their refined beauty. Every detail has been meticulously considered and no corner has been neglected. Loro Piana, Braquenié, and Manuel Canovas, among others, have been consulted by Countess Bergit Douglas and her team to offer custom designs that bring a bespoke and individual touch to each suite.

As for the famous urban oasis in the middle of the hotel, the courtyard garden by Lady Arabella has been rethought in a style all her own that blends the beautifully unkempt English aesthetic with the superb formality of Renaissance gardens. The award-winning landscape designer has created an environment that works beautifully in harmony with the local ecosystem, using a majority of native plants, and the Earth in general, with the help of strictly plant-based and biodegradable products and fertilisers. Stately hornbeam hedges structure the design and a lush green lawn filled with rhododendron bushes, azaleas, trees (Lady Arabella is a tree lover) and natural slate fountains create a real-life secret garden.

There has always been a multitude of reasons to visit Le Bristol, at any time of year. “Paris is always a good idea,” as they say. But the monumental reopening on September 1st brings with it an even stronger motivation to take a summer’s end break in Paris.


A bientôt in the City of Light…


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