An Update from Lilibet, The Lanesborough London’s Resident Feline

Lilibet the cat is a famous feature at The Lanesborough London, and guests have been asking where she is spending the lockdown period. So, here is a little interview update about our regal feline for those who miss her!

How long has Lilibet lived in the hotel?

Baby Lilibet arrived at The Lanesborough in May 2019 as a tiny kitten. She came from a rare breeder of Siberian cats in the United Kingdom. She is a Siberian Forest Cat and she is hyper-allergenic, making her the resident cat. Siberian Forest Cats are known for their friendly and adventurous personalities. They are mellow, easy-going and very playful. They love people, other cats, and even dogs, which is why we chose this breed. Dogs and cats are welcome guests at The Lanesborough.

Where and with whom is she living now, whilst the hotel is closed?

Lilibet has gone to live with Jess, a members of the hotel’s dedicated cat team who looks after Lilibet. Jess and Lilibet are spending the lockdown in Buckinghamshire in the English countryside with Jess’ mum and her working cocker spaniel, Bella.

Why did The Lanesborough send Lilibet home with Jess?

Jess and Lilibet have a very special relationship at the hotel. One of Lilibet’s favourite places to spend time is on Jess’s desk, her computer, her lap – they love each other.

A few responses from Jess…

Do you have other pets? If so, how can you describe their attitude towards Lilibet?

Yes, I have a cocker spaniel called Bella. She and Lilibet are very happy in each other’s company although Lilibet has taken a particular liking to Bella’s water bowl and will only drink out of that! So now they share, and Bella doesn’t seem to mind.

 How did Lilibet adjust over the first few days? And how is she feeling now?

Lilibet settled in quickly and nicely. She is a very curious cat and explored everywhere in the house when she first arrived, but now she’s found her favourite spots. I bought her a “cat tower” and she loves to sit at the very top and look out the window.

 What is her favourite toy? 

Lilibet loves toys she can chase! She has a colourful feather tail teaser and I also bought a laser pen. She will happily chase the light around for ages.

 What is her favourite meal? 

Juicy turkey is her favourite flavour although she adores tasty chicken treats! She has such a good sense of smell that she has figured out where I hide them now!

How do you spend evenings together? 

Playing with her toys and relaxing by the fireplace.

Has Lilibet’s presence changed your life? In what way?

I absolutely love taking care of Lilibet and she brings me so much joy. In the morning, she runs straight into my bedroom and has a cuddle and a tummy rub. It really is such a nice start to each day and we both enjoy our morning snuggle! I hope she is enjoying her countryside retreat as much as I am enjoying taking care of her!

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  • Dear Jess,
    It’s Cat here! I’m so happy Lilibet is with you and you both are having a wonderful time. I miss you two badly and am happy you and your loved ones are all doing well. With all this virus 🦠 I’m not sure when I can see both of you again. But until then. We will meet again happily. A late happy birthday 🥳 to you too. Lots of love 💓 for both of you.

    PS I’m so honoured she used the scratcher!