Morning Routine for a Happy Day from Jumby Bay Island

There is no question that the teams at Jumby Bay Island know a thing or two about how to create happiness. Karen, the island resort’s Spa Director, shares her top tips for how to start every day with a sunny disposition.

“Little morning rituals are very effective for creating structure, especially during uncertain times. Here are my morning tips to put a smile on your face for the entire day,” says Karen.

. Wake up gently

“Try not to hit the snooze button. Instead, take a moment in bed to become present and aware of your breathing, opening your eyes slowly.”

. Stretch before getting out of bed

“Stretching gently before jumping out of bed is a good way to wake up your muscles and encourage circulation after sleep.”

. Drink a glass of water

“Water should be the first ‘hello’ for your digestive tract. Make sure it is room temperature and for an extra boost, add about 1 tsp of fresh lemon juice.”

. Make a special breakfast

“For a strong start to the day, make yourself a protein-rich breakfast. I recommend eggs and smoked salmon or yogurt with fresh berries and granola.”

. Do at least 15 mins of exercise

“It doesn’t take a lot. Just 15-30 minutes of movement, whether it’s yoga, walking, cycling or running gives you an energy boost that lasts throughout the morning.”

. Make a to-do list

“One of my favourite practices is to visualize my day and the positive steps that I will take to accomplish the day’s goals. It can be done mentally, but I like to jot notes down in a journal that I keep on my desk in my home office.”

. Let in the light and tackle the day

“Open up the curtains or blinds and let the light in to your space for a dose of mood boosting vitamin D. You may not be in sunny Antigua like I am, but even lighting a scented candle and keeping it next to you while you hit those emails or work on household chores will give you a sense of calm, and do wonders for your mood in any weather.”


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