Helping Our Neighbours on the Front Lines: Jumby Bay Island and Palácio Tangará

Oetker Collection’s Jumby Bay Island and Palácio Tangará continue their efforts to support our communities through the COVID-19 crisis with financial aid to two important charity funds.

The Jumby Bay Fund was established in April 2014 with the mission to ensure that vital community, conservation and educational needs in Antigua are identified and addressed. Oetker Collection’s Jumby Bay Island is proud to contribute to the Fund in support of our neighbours. Last month, the Jumby Bay Fund donated 1 million EC dollars in vital medical supplies including 18,200 N95 masks, 15,000 surgical masks and 8 ventilators to equip an infectious disease centre that is being swiftly constructed on the island of Antigua. The supplies have been delivered with the help of Jumby Bay Island homeowner Sir Martin Franklin’s private jet to ensure speedy reception by the Antiguan Mister of Health, Hon. Molwyn Joseph.

The Jumby Bay Fund has also launched a food parcel program, delivering 28 days’ worth of food to Antigua’s neediest to help eliminate hunger throughout this unprecedented challenge.

Oetker Collection’s Palácio Tangará has also joined the fight against hunger in São Paulo’s Favela Paraisópolis by donating R$10.000,00 to the Paraisópolis Women’s Association, who are preparing up to 6,000 free meals per day to deliver to favela residents. The City of São Paulo has been put under quarantine to contain the spread of COVID-19, leaving many in Favela Paraisópolis without any income or access to food.

Palácio Tangará supports its neighbours in Favela Paraisópolis through fundraising events on an ongoing basis, and the current crisis represents one more initiative for which the hotel is dutiful in its response. The teams at Palácio Tangará are also lending their support by seeking out suppliers to donate ingredients to the Paraisópolis Women’s Association for meal preparation.

The current global situation presents unique challenges for Oetker Collection’s neighbours around the world. Our Masterpiece Hotels are proud to engage in the collective efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, and to mitigate the residual harm that these efforts impose.


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