Friends of Oetker Collection: Writer and Entrepreneur Nel-Olivia Waga

Our friend, writer and entrepreneur Nel-Olivia Waga, is a seasoned luxury traveller and a devoted guest at Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotels. Nel-Olivia has opened up to us about how she is maintaining a positive mindset whilst her travelling schedule has been put on hold. Her secret? A gratitude journal.

‘What we focus on, grows. We alone are responsible for what we focus on and how we see life. I choose to focus on the positive things every day. This view not only makes me happy but also trains my mind to constantly look for the good in each situation — even at uncertain times like these. Being grateful is like a magnet, once you start practicing it, it will bring more positive thoughts and circumstances into your life. Writing them down is even more effective.’

—Nel-Olivia Waga


What is the first thing Nel-Olivia plans to do when lockdown orders are lifted?

‘Travel to one of my favourite hotels in the world: Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Cap d’Antibes.’


We can’t wait to host you, Nel-Olivia!

Follow Nel-Olivia Waga at @her_etiquette.

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