Simple Breathwork Exercise from Eden Rock–St Barths

Natalia, Spa Manager at Eden Rock–St Barths’ Eden Spa, is a big fan of intentional breathwork—one of the quickest and most effective methods for calming the nervous system to relieve symptoms of stress.

Her favourite technique is called alternate nostril breathing and it’s very simple to do on your own. All you need are a few minutes to steal away and a quiet place to be still with your breath.

‘Every morning to start the day off right, or every evening to calm down and fall asleep peacefully, I recommend this simple breathing exercise. Try it and notice the instant benefits!’ —Natalia

Alternate Nostril Breathing Instructions:

. Place index and middle finger of left hand on the 3rdeye (the space between the eyebrows)
. Plug the right nostril closed with the side of the left ring finger
. Take a deep breath in through the left nostril and hold
. Release the right nostril and plug the left nostril closed with the left thumb
. Exhale deeply through the right nostril
. Repeat the steps beginning with the right nostril and continue for 12 full breaths

Of course, one of our most tried and true stress relievers is a holiday at Eden Rock–St Barths… but if you close your eyes and breathe deeply, you can almost feel that St Jean’s Bay breeze grazing your skin…

Until we meet again.

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