Tone at Home: 5 Exercises with Olympic Trainer, Irfan

Performance specialist at The Lanesborough Club & Spa, Irfan was formerly the assistant strength coach for Olympic gold medallist and professional boxer, Amir Kahn. His personal training guidance has helped countless clients at the Club & Spa reach their fitness goals.

Today, Irfan comes to you from the Royal Suite at the Lanesborough to show how you can get a full-bodied workout right in your living room with the help of a sofa and your own body weight.

Watch Irfan demonstrate his recommended strength training exercises in these five short videos.

  1. Bulgarian Split Squat

Shoes off, rest the top of one foot on a chair or sofa and make sure all of your weight is on the front foot. Place your hands on your hips for balance and alignment, learn forward slightly in the torso and squat until the back knee touches the floor, pressing into the front foot to rise up to standing. Repeat 3 x 20 reps.

  1. One Leg Alternating Push Up

In a plank position, raise one foot gently off the floor, perform a push-up and place the foot back on the floor as you finish. Repeat, alternating feet each time. Perform 3 x AMRAP (as many reps as possible), focussing on maintaining your hips parallel to the floor.

  1. Single Leg Hip Thrust

Place upper back and arms on the edge of the sofa. One leg is externally rotated and bent with the ankle resting on the opposite knee, and the supporting leg is bent to maintain a 90˚ angle at the knee. Keep the head lifted slightly and press into the supporting foot to raise the hips in line with the torso. Lower hips gently without touching the floor and repeat 3 x 20 reps.

  1. Prone Cobra

Lie flat on the ground, face down, and tuck the toes gently on the floor. Begin with the forehead on the floor and extend both arms overhead to nearly touching. Bring arms to reach sideways, in line with the shoulders with the palms facing down. From there, rotate the shoulders, bringing the shoulder blades together at the upper back and gently extending the head upward. Hold for 2 seconds and release to bring your arms back overhead. Make sure your arms stay lifted off the ground throughout the entire exercise. Repeat 3 x 20 reps.

  1. Side Plank with Leg Abduction

Grab a small cushion for assistance with this one. Place one elbow and the side of one knee on the ground. Raise the hips and the top knee, reaching the top arm up toward the ceiling and clutching the cushion in your top hand. From this position, gently rotate the torso as you lower the hips and top knee as you reach the cushion hand through the hole between your torso and the floor. Push into the elbow and bottom knee, using your core to help bring you to the original position.Repeat 3 x 15 reps.

We hope you enjoy this virtual personal training from The Lanesborough London! Irfan sends his best wishes to his clients, whom he misses, and to all our Oetker Collection friends working hard to stay in shape while at home.

Happy workout!

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