New Menu for Spring at Fritz & Felix

Local ingredients and sustainable agriculture merge to create a rare alchemy of flavour on Chef Nenad Mlinarevic’s new menu at Fritz & Felix. With so many delicious new dishes to taste, the chef’s sharing concept is a welcome format for dining at Brenners’ beautiful restaurant.

Starter plates such as small artichokes, signature beef tartare and soy cannelloni open the menu with a flavourful prelude. And this season, the vegetable-based mains outnumber the meat and fish, with three completely vegetarian options to accommodate meat-free diets. From the grill, succulent tiger prawns, tender wagyu short ribs and savoury roasted vegetables with labneh are a few of the highlights, although every single dish deserves attention.

To finish, a fabulous cheese platter, a selection of plated desserts, ice creams and sorbets are also meant to be mixed and matched and shared around the table. With a seasonal menu that is constantly evolving, every meal at Fritz & Felix is like a shared journey for the taste buds.

The famous fox and hare continue to work their clever magic. Book your table at Fritz & Felix in Baden-Baden here.

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