Talking Music with St Barths’ Top DJ

It’s probably one of the best jobs on the planet, being the resident DJ at Eden-Rock St Barths. We caught up with Tito to find out more about what makes him tick, and what it’s like to bet the party starter at the legendary Caribbean destination.

Where are you from and what made you want to become a DJ?

I was born in Belgium and lived my early years in Brussels before my family moved to the French countryside in the Loire Valley when I was 10. My first DJ experience was at my younger sister’s birthday party, where I entertained the crowd with music at the age of 14. That planted a seed in me that I would later develop into a serious pursuit.

My 25-year career has offered me the chance to travel the world, hold several DJ residencies, programme festivals, and even produce music and sound design.


What do you love about mixing music at Eden Rock?

To be honest, I have never spent so much time playing music than I do at Eden Rock. It is very challenging to be on duty for lunch and dinner, which amounts to about 8 hours straight every day.

But at the same time, the feedback I get from the customers makes it a real pleasure to create the vibe for this amazing new venue. Not to mention the view I have from my ‘office’. In general, the atmosphere at Eden Rock makes my job feel like a dream.


How would you describe the Eden Rock sound?

What I always aim to do is to match the music to the décor and to stay faithful to Eden Rock values, whilst also incorporating the St Barth’s touch.The music I choose is elegant, exclusive, dynamic and colourful. These are the qualities I keep in mind when I’m building my daily playlists, as the music is constantly changing and evolving.

There are two different musical identities for lunch and dinner. I take guests on a melodic journey with adaytime atmosphere that is all about feeling good and relaxed with world music, Bossa & Brazilian grooves and touch of reggae.At night, the vibe is more soulful, with deep house beats, nu disco and some funk and soul classics.

You can hear Tito’s magical playlists every day during lunch and dinner at the Sand Bar and Rémy Bar at Eden Rock–St Barths.


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