The Great Supper: Convivial Dining at Fritz & Felix

The dinner meal is meant to be shared. That’s why Fritz & Felix is rolling out the long community table on Sunday–Tuesday evenings for open-minded guests to enjoy a delicious dinner alongside others. The Great Supper concept includes a pre-dinner aperitif, soft drinks and coffee, a mix of 8 different dishes du jour to share with your party and—more likely than not—a friendly conversation with your neighbours at the table.

Mental health studies have repeatedly shown that one of the best things that humans can do to improve their wellbeing is to regularly share a meal with others. Shared meals not only produce the obvious social benefits, but they can actually improve nutritional health. The act of slowing down to enjoy a meal in company encourages more mindful eating, which can lead to healthier food choices and even aid digestion. And it’s great for encouraging the little ones to practice their table manners!

The jovial atmosphere at Fritz & Felix makes it the perfect restaurant for pulling up a seat next to strangers. Over the course of a leisurely dinner where you get to indulge in a handmade craft cocktail and 8 savoury dishes, it may just be that those strangers turn into friends.

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