Midweek Magic: Chicken Wednesday at Fritz & Felix

For Frank Marrennbach, CEO of Oetker Collection, Fritz & Felix at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa is not a hotel restaurant, but a restaurant within a hotel. This subtle but important distinction helps to characterise the farm-to-table eatery’s completely original design, unconventional menus and cosy feel.

Fritz & Felix is now hosting a weekly event called Chicken Wednesday. Dedicated to sourcing the freshest ingredients from as close to the kitchen as possible, Chef Nenad Mlinarevic’s team uses only Label Rouge chicken for this savoury evening. Label Rouge poultry is reared using traditional, free-range production methods that ensure the animals’ wellbeing, protect the environment and guarantee a truly tasty bird.

Chicken Wednesday at Fritz & Felix offers a fixed menu for two people that includes one rotisserie grilled Label Rouge chicken served with chimichurri sauce, locally sourced candied carrots and roasted herb potatoes. Midweek guests at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa and Villa Stéphanie, or lucky Baden-Baden locals, are invited to enjoy the succulent flavours and convivial spirit of Chicken Wednesday, every Wednesday at Fritz & Felix.

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