An Elite All Inclusive? Yes.

All inclusive getaway experiences have gotten a negative reputation over the years, but Jumby Bay Island is turning that on its head with three distinctive qualities: total privacy, undisturbed nature and island-grown gourmet food.

The private island is located off the coast of Antigua and is only accessible to overnight guests and by boat. There is no airport, very few paved roads and not a single car in sight. On Jumby Bay, you can go only as fast as two wheels will take you.

Jumby Bay Island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and has enchanted generations of seafarers, naturalists and romantics. Its lush green landscapes and pristine beaches are rigorously preserved sanctuaries for rare plants and diverse wildlife. The bucolic grassy fields are home to a centuries’ old population of black-headed Persian sheep, and a waterfowl reserve can be found at the heart of the island. If there is one destination in the Caribbean where you can truly get “back to nature”, it’s here.

Then, there’s the food. The island boasts its own organic garden in its fertile centre that produces a bounty of fresh ingredients for the three kitchens. Guests can enjoy breakfast on the veranda, casual fare at the pool grill and a more gastronomic menu at the Farm-to-Table pop-up. For those who like to catch their own, there is an exclusive sea-to-table dining experience that includes an afternoon fishing the deep blue and a private dinner featuring the fresh catch of the day custom cooked by the chef. Bespoke dining promises a sumptuous evening of gastronomic flavours by the Executive Chef as the sun sets over the beach.

The all inclusive holiday needn’t be bland. Let the highly-trained team at Jumby Bay Island take care of it all so you can experience the true meaning of tranquillity.

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