A Taste for Colour: Sally King Benedict Exhibition at Rémy Bar

Eden Rock–St Barths is delighted to host the work of contemporary artist Sally King Benedict in a temporary exhibition from February 1–8 at the newly remodelled Remy Bar. The week will include a live painting event on Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th, where guests can observe the artist at work.

King Benedict hails from Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is known for creating large scale paintings inspired by the culture and dynamism of her hometown. Her works are abstract in nature, employing an effervescent and adventurous use of colour, and are often rooted in themes of femininity and what could be considered the ‘female gaze’.

For this exclusive exhibition and partnership with Eden Rock–St Barths, Sally King Benedict has taken inspiration from the eccentric aviator, socialite and the hotel’s founder, Rémy de Haenen. The works will feature expressionistic portraits of the notable stars Haenen attracted to St Barths island.

Named the ‘Most Stylish Southerner’ by Southern Living magazine, Sally King Benedict paintings are featured in the private art collections of some of the world’s most prominent families. Eden Rock–St Barths looks forward to hanging her works in a selection of the hotel’s suites and rooms for the enjoyment of Oetker Collection’s island guests.

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