Want to Work Out More Often? Dress Like It

The minute you try to build up a sustainable workout routine, you’ll find there are manifold barriers waiting in the wings to knock you off track. It’s just the way life is.

But today, dear reader, we at Eden Being are going to let you in on a secret trick that makes you much more likely to get up and do the workout you’ve set your mind to do. It’s uncannily simple, and it really does work (…usually).

What’s the secret? Get dressed. When the time comes for you to go out for a run or go to the gym—whether it’s first thing in the morning or after getting home from work—don’t psyche yourself out about all the effort it’s going to take or how far you have to go to achieve your goal. All that does is exacerbate your fatigue. No, what you need to do when the designated hour strikes is to put on your workout clothes and shoes.

It may sound obvious or basic, but what this subtle re-frame does is it prepares your subconscious mind for the inevitable. Once you are dressed and your shoes are on, there is no other option than to complete the task at hand—the 5k, spin class or whatever workout suits your fancy.

And ladies… if your sportswear wardrobe needs an upgrade to help motivate you even more, Parisian athletic wear brand E. Leoty creates exceptional designs that balance technical performance with exquisitely flattering tailoring. Inspired by the legacy of 19th-century corset designer Ernest Leoty, the collections are made from top quality fabrics in Europe and are beautiful enough to wear from Barre class to the wine bar.

So, the secret to saving your workout is all in the outfit. Who knew? We want to hear from you! Does getting dressed make you more likely to exercise? Let us know in the comments!

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