Should you be Doing Face Yoga?

A new wellness trend has surfaced that aims to achieve the youth-giving effects of Botox—no needles necessary. It’s a practice called face yoga, and although it doesn’t involve exotic pose names in Sanskrit, it just might be the best all-natural technique for reducing the effects of aging on your face.

Face yoga is a set of exercises that are aimed at strengthening the muscles in the face to help them—and the skin layered overtop—resist the age-enhancing effect of gravity. There are about as many poses as there are face yoga teachers, and they all have the same objective: to preserve the look of youth.

Early studies on the practice have revealed that groups who engaged in a daily discipline over the course of eight weeks were found to look younger after having practiced face yoga. Just like with any muscle in the body, it turns out that working out your face muscles can improve their allure.

So is it worth trying out? The great thing about face yoga is that you can practice it alone at home with the help of a blog or YouTube video. In fact, that is the only place you will want to try it because the exercises require you to make some very silly faces. But other than that, there are no risks involved and you only stand to benefit from a little daily facial workout.

Have you tried face yoga? Tell us what you think of it in the comments!

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