Relax and Refresh with Reiki at Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie

Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie brings the best of luxury wellness to the City of Paris. From an exclusive Tata Harper treatment room to parent and child duo spa services, very few rocks have been left unturned in the Palace Hotel’s centre of serenity.

But there is one treatment offered at Spa Le Bristol that may require something of an introduction: Reiki. Based on the ancient practice of healing touch, Reiki relaxes the muscles, eliminates toxins, stimulates blood circulation and clears stress and fatigue.

You may be asking yourself what kind of technique can do all of those things at once. And you might be surprised to find out that Reiki is a very gentle practice that uses nothing but light touch to balance the energy throughout the body and stimulate total relaxation. The receiver lies fully clothed on a massage table while soothing music plays in the treatment room. The practitioner moves around the table, offering targeted touch to different regions of the body for either 55 or 85 minutes.

Reiki is a subtle form of energy healing that is easy to dismiss if you’re of a doubtful mind-set. However, just one session at Le Bristol can create a convert out of even the most rigid sceptic. Common sensations during treatment include a rush of energy moving through the body, warmth radiating from the Reiki practitioner’s hands, tingling sensations and feelings of deep security and emotional wellbeing.

In fact, Reiki is gaining popularity around the world as a supplementary practice that enhances general health, and stimulates deeper and faster healing when used alongside traditional medicine. When done regularly, Reiki helps to neutralize stress, boost energy and even helps clear the mind.

In the hypersonic digital age that we are living, the practice of healing touch almost seems to simplistic to be worth consideration. But Reiki’s unplugged, human quality is perhaps the very virtue that makes it worth giving a try. All it takes is once.

In Paris? Book your own exploratory Reiki session at Spa Le Bristol by La Prairie here.

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