Breakfast, Anyone?

Diet advice and culinary trends seem to shift with the seasons, but one thing never really changes. Breakfast is good for you. Full stop.

Even in the age of intermittent fasting, the benefits of a well-balanced breakfast far outweigh any potential life-hacking advantages of skipping the morning meal.

What does breakfast do for you? It replenishes your energy after a long, ideally 8–10 hour period of fasting while you sleep. It sharpens your mind, improves memory and boosts concentration. It stimulates your metabolism and helps you maintain a healthy weight. And finally, it helps you achieve your daily nutritional requirement of vitamins and minerals.

For Lili Barbery-Coulon, author of Pimp My Breakfast, the beauty of breakfast is that it offers seemingly endless possibilities for creativity. Her book of Instagrammable recipes is only available in French, but it is a stunning ode to the most important meal of the day—even you only look at the photographs.

So, if you’re a lover of avo toast or ricotta pancakes, rejoice! You can (and should) eat them and other healthy breakfast foods every single day.

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