7 Unexpected Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep from Dr Konig at Villa Stéphanie

Sleep is probably the most powerful wellness treatment that exists, and it comes free and without a booking. 

Still, it’s so easy to get so busy that sleep becomes an afterthought— something to sacrifice for the sake of productivity. 

But what if sleep is the one thing you should always make time for in your busy schedule? Dr Konig, Resident Doctor at Villa Stéphanie offers 7 compelling reasons to always make sure you get a proper night’s sleep.

1. Sleep makes you beautiful
Beauty sleep is no myth. According to a Swedish study, sufficient sleep actually has a positive effect on attractiveness. In the controlled study, participants found that well-rested people looked more beautiful when compared to the sleep deprived. All the more reason to sleep well before a first date!

2. Sleep helps you lose weight
You may think that you have to be moving to burn calories, but in all actuality, most of the calories you consume are burnt while you are sleeping. For this reason, multiple studies have proven that sleep deprivation can lead to obesity. Want to drop a few stones? Put yourself on an 8-hour per night sleep diet and see what happens.

3. Sleep makes you smarter
Sleep is the most important study partner you can have. Why? Because during deep sleep, the important information you are trying to retain reaches the long-term memory where it is stored for easier recall. If you are preparing for an important exam or interview, make sure to start studying several days in advance and get 7-8 hours of sleep each night for optimum retention.

4. Sleep heals sickness
Studies show that people who sleep fewer than 7 hours per night catch a cold three times more frequently than those who sleep longer. There’s no disputing the fact that sleep is oftentimes the very best medicine.  Chronic insomnia is also related to more serious conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. If sleeping better can stave off health problems, there is no better reason to get those zzz’s!

5. Sleep makes you more creative
Some of the world’s most mind-bending art and inventions are the result of visions received during the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep. When the body reaches this state of deep rest, the mind is free to journey into unknown territory. Salvador Dali has offered some of the most iconic results of REM sleep exploration.

6. Sleep makes you happier
Who hasn’t spent an entire day in a sour mood because of a restless night? Taking care to get enough sleep each night helps you maintain a happy state of mind, reduces anxiety and might even help you preserve your relationships.

7. Sleep turns you on
A full night’s sleep is worth its proverbial weight in gold when it comes to intimacy. A recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that quality sleep improves one’s sex life— especially for women. Yes, the researchers even put a figure on it. Every hour of additional sleep at night increases the probability of a lovemaking session the next day by 14%.

Take Dr Konig’s advice and make sleeping a priority. For true night time tranquillity, book a stay in one of Villa Stéphanie’s Digital Detox Rooms. Learn more here.

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