The Legend behind the Christmas Stocking Tradition

Some of the greatest gifts are the little ones that come in your Christmas stocking. Do you know why we fill stockings at Christmas? There is a little-known legend behind those colourful socks we hang on the chimney…

Saint Nicolas, who is commonly associated with Santa Claus, was a 1stcentury Bishop of Myra in present-day Turkey. One day in his village, word was spreading about a local merchant who had been widowed and was struggling to earn enough money for a dowry that would allow his three daughters to marry. The gentle Saint Nick wanted to do something for the family, but villagers warned him that the merchant was too proud to accept charity. To avoid confrontation, Saint Nicolas decided to toss three bags of gold coins down the family’s chimney, and they landed in the daughters’ stockings that were hanging to dry by the fire.

Word quickly spread of the magical gift and children began hanging their stockings by the fire in hopes of receiving gold… and the tradition stands on Christmas night all over the world to this day.

We hope Saint Nicolas fills your stocking with treasures you love.

Merry Christmas from your friends at Eden Being!

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