Christmas Traditions with Masterpiece Estates Host, Ted Innes Ker

Ted Innes Ker is one of the gifted Hosts who make the experience at Oetker Collection Masterpiece Estates exceptional and truly unforgettable. We caught up with Ted to find out what he loves most about Christmas, and how he celebrates the day.

What does the perfect Christmas Day look like to you?

My ideal Christmas Day involves waking up after a good night’s sleep, opening stockings with the family and then having a home cooked English breakfast. Then, we attend the 11am church service followed by Bloody Marys and lunch. In the late afternoon, we enjoy tea as we exchange gifts and then it’s scrambled eggs in front of the TV!


Do you partake in any countryside traditions at Christmas?

My family goes shooting on Boxing Day. It’s an institution. And then we follow the hunt on December 27th. Everyone comes along, even if they don’t pick up a rifle—a real family affair.


What are your favourite Christmas foods and beverages?

Oddly enough, my favourite Christmas food and drink is Brussels sprouts and ice cold Russian Vodka, but the only time I actually enjoy them is on Christmas Day. There’s something about the festive atmosphere that makes me crave them. And my wife makes the very best Brussels sprouts.


What is your favourite Christmas memory?

Luckily, my favourite Christmas memory is one that recurs every single year, and that is simply being surrounded by family. Those are truly the best times. 


What is your favourite Christmas song?

That would have to be ‘Fairy Tale of New York’ by The Pogues!


With Masterpiece Estates, you and your loved ones can celebrate Christmas in a Castle. Discover more about Oetker Collection’s majestic residences across Europe here.

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