Serenity in São Paulo: The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of São Paulo is a peaceful paradise where visitors to the bustling city can experience the full abundance of the region’s flora. Covering over 160 hectares, the park’s many walkways take you through some areas that are pristinely kempt and others that are wildly overgrown, as in nature. The lush, tropical plant life includes palm trees, orchids, fruit trees and—on the surface of a large pond—aquatic plants. Located in the Água Funda district, nearby the São Paulo Zoo, the gardens offer travellers a serene place to convene with nature, sort of like a taste of the Amazon with out having to leave the city limits. Devote a sunny afternoon in São Paulo to exploring this beautiful natural landmark.

The Botanical Garden
Av. Miguel Estéfno, 3031 – Vila Água Funda
São Paulo – SP, 04301-902
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00am to 5.00pm
+55 11 5067 6000

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