Handcrafted Christmas Gifts from Masterpiece Estates

Gordon Castle in the Scottish Highlands and Château d’Estoublon in Provence are two Masterpiece Estates that offer elegant artisanal gifts for Christmas.

This festive season, give everyone on your list a very special something from two of the most iconic regions in Europe.  

Gordon Castle produces an award-winning gin made with fresh botanicals picked from the Estate’s walled garden. The gin comes in a classic flavour for mixing with your favourite tonic water, as well as fine flavours of plum and raspberry that can be added to creative cocktails. The Estate’s Gin Lover Hamper offers all three in a beautiful basket with buckled straps like those on a traditional kilt. Additionally, the Estate’s collection of scented candles and products for bath and body make wonderful stocking fillers. 

Find the Gordon Castle Christmas Collection

Down in Southern France, Château d’Estoublon has been busy all year growing, fermenting and bottling beautiful wines from the grapes grown on the property’s vines. Nearby, the Estate’s olive groves have been churning out beautiful, ripe olives to cold-press into fragrant extra virgin olive oil. These two products are Château d’Estoublon’s mainstays, and are available in a diverse range. They make the perfect gift for the epicures in your life.

Discover Château d’Estoublon’s wines and olive oils

If you’ve spent time in one or both of these Masterpiece Estates, the best way to capture the experience at home is with the products they make. If you haven’t had the pleasure of an unforgettable stay at Gordon Castle or Château d’Estoublon, discover the magic that awaits you here and here.

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