Rebuilding for the Future: CSR Initiatives at Eden Rock–St Barths

The past two years have brought about significant changes at Eden Rock–St Barths, not only in construction, but also in the teams’ vision for the future. While undergoing renovations after Hurricane Irma, Eden Rockers have kept busy with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that will help to pave a more sustainable path forward for the hotel and its treasured guests.

We caught up with Chloé Gansoinat to discuss what has happened over the past two years, and what to expect for the re-opening this month. Read on…

Could you speak about the CSR initiatives that were undertaken while the hotel was under renovation?

Over the past two years and as part of our reconstruction project, the ER Team has been very involved locally with Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Our social actions include participation in various charity races; several clean up events on the island; a 24h scuba-diving relay for the Telethon; and giving clothes to Caribbean islands in partnership with the Red Cross, Lions Club and Rotary Club.


What specific challenges do you confront with CSR for the hotel, and how have your teams responded?

The hospitality industry raises many CSR challenges mainly when dealing with food production and how to reduce waste and consumptions. We have implemented nice culinary initiatives: our Pastry Chef had the brilliant idea to create delicious jams thus giving a second life to fruits for the greatest pleasure of Eden Rock Villa Rental guest-friends. Similarly, we recently started farming via a hydroponic greenhouse settled behind the hotel: a wide range of aromatic herbs is already available, and vegetables will be growing soon!

Another example on the accommodation side is the recent launch of InsidER, its new mobile and tablet app to provide our guests-friends with a large range of concierge recommendations for the reopening of the hotel in November 2019, and therefore reduce the amount of paper and brochures used.


Have you worked on any initiatives to revitalize the natural environment?

 Lately, our main focus has been the restoration of the exhausted lagoon behind the hotel into an effective area of wilderness. Now a 12-acre seawater pond, this area is truly pleasant for countless wildlife species as well as for islanders and visitors who can now enjoy walking and admiring the fauna and flora.  Our next exciting project is to implement a coral reef restoration program around our rock liaising with local associations INE (Island Nature St Barth Experience) andATE (Agence Territoriale de l’Environnement de Saint-Barthélemy).


What CSR initiatives do you hold close to your heart?

As a local from St Barths, I have been always sensitive to the preservation of natural resources. In the Caribbean, the proximity of nature such as coral reefs, wildlife and flora encourages you to appreciate it every day. Our‘Eden Angels’ team is committed to finding new ways to improve its social and environmental impact. Far from cutting back on clients’ comfort, the use of best practices aims for a better and more sustainable future for everyone.


Sounds like Eden Rock–St Barths has been busy preparing for the re-opening November 20th. Be a part of the new chapter at the iconic hotel. Book your stay.

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