Baden-Baden: The Good-Good Life

World-renowned local wines, farm-to-table cuisine, spas like wellbeing sanctuaries and craft cocktail infused nightlife: these are the key elements that make up the good-good life in Baden-Baden.

The Black Forest city in South-western Germany is easily accessible by rail within Europe, or by flight landing in nearby Strasbourg, France or Frankfurt. It is located in the very heart of Central Europe, which makes Baden-Baden the ideal destination for a weekend getaway if you live in Europe, or as a stop on your Euro trip itinerary if you’re traveling from afar.

Baden-Baden has enchanted visitors for centuries because of the Black Forest region’s natural beauty, the legendary Rebland wine country and the health-giving thermal springs that bubble underground. It is a city that has hit the geographical jackpot, bringing together three of life’s priceless pleasures: forest wandering, wine tasting and mineral-rich water bathing.

Speaking of hitting the jackpot, European Enlightenment culture has brought yet another titillating layer to the city with the historic Baden-Baden Casino. The nearly 200-year-old casino is an ode to 19thcentury opulence, where traditional table games are played in a be-frescoed hall lit by stately chandeliers.

And if gambling is not your thing, the cultural offering does not stop there. The city’s famous Festival Hall theatre hosts some of the world’s top talent in music, theatre and dance, and the weekly event schedule ensures there is always something new to discover. Additionally, the nearby Museum Frieder Burda is where you can explore the expansive private art collection of the late German media mogul, Frieder Burda.

Baden-Baden, Germany has long been a special haven for pleasure-seekers, but we can honestly say that the city has never had a more festive atmosphere than it does today. Watch this video to see why.

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