A Joewood Tree Grows on Jumby Bay Island

There is a special tree that is standing strong at Jumby Bay, the only one of its kind on the entire island. It’s called the Joewood – Jacquinia keyensis if you’re a botanist — and it’s said to be anywhere from 200 to 250 years old.

The Joewood is indigenous to Florida and the Caribbean, but their occurrence in nature is rare. So rare, in fact, that Florida has placed the species on a list of threatened plants. The tree often resembles a low-growing shrub, but can reach to up to 15 feet, which is the size of Jumby Bay Island’s Joewood.

The Joewood can be sensed before it is seen from the sweet, vanilla-like fragrance that it emits. The tree produces lovely white flowers that blossom year-round, giving the tree its distinctive scent. Suited to a tropical climate, the Joewood can grow with very little maintenance in sandy seaside soil. Jumby Bay Island’s thriving Joewood tree is a testament to the species’ resilience to salt spray and tropical torrents.

The indigenous flora at Jumby Bay, so well preserved by gardeners and conservationists, is one of the qualities that distinguish the private island from other Caribbean destinations. Oetker Collection is dedicated to protecting the Island’s priceless natural history, as evidenced by the beautiful Joewood tree and all of the many plants and animals that populate the beaches and land.

A wise old tree grows at Jumby Bay. It’s called the Joewood and it is magnificent.

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