Interview with Fabrice Moizan, General Manager of Eden Rock–St Barths

We sat down with Fabrice Moizan to learn more about himself, his experiences as General Manager and what to expect for the re-opening of Eden Rock–St Barths next month. Get the scoop.

Tell us about your background, and how you came to the hospitality business.

I was initially attracted by the world of gastronomy. I chose to attend a catering school to become a Chef, but I soon realised that I was more interested in the hospitality aspect than the cooking. I had discovered a domain where people are in the service to the others and dedicate their time to creating unique experiences. My career from then on has been built on various opportunities. I joined the rooms division department, and then marketing, followed by management and became General Manager at the French Groupe Barrière. From there, I joined the prestigious Oetker Collection at Eden Rock–St Barths.


What is your typical day like?

I like to start my day early with a coffee, looking out over the sea at the sunrise. Then I am off to the hotel to tour the property. I take the time to appreciate this wonderful location… have a walk in the garden with scent of tiaré and ylang ylang, and of course greet our cherished guests at breakfast. I meet with the Eden Rockers for our daily morning meeting to share some good vibes and positive energy. I stop by the kitchen to talk to the Chef and occasionally grab a bite or taste a new idea. Then, I’ll chat with more guests at the Sand Bar restaurant and on the Beach (their favourite spot). After that, it’s back to the office for some emails and daily decisions with the team. I pop by the Bar and Restaurant at the end of the day to feel the vibe—music and cocktails doing their thing—and I am usually back home for dinner with my family, dog and some friends.


What makes Eden Rock–St Barths so special?

We like to say that Eden Rock is so much more than just a hotel: this property is often referred to as ‘The Legend Hotel’ by our valued clients, guests and friends. Guests can delight in the open-air art gallery showcasing creations of renowned international artists, or enjoy browsing through the Eden Being boutique offering an eclectic selection of sought-after brands and exclusive collaborations. For foodies, the Sand Bar serves delectable cuisine masterminded by celebrated Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and for cocktail therapy, everyone meets at the Rémy Bar. Wellbeing is also on the menu with the ultimate in pampering at the Eden Spa by Ligne St Barths and tailor-made programs by our wellness coach. This is a true island home.


Can you share a little historical titbit about Eden Rock?

The Eden Rock was the first hotel to be built on the paradisiac island of St Barths. With its spectacular location on St Jean’s Bay, Eden Rock–St Barths has been the byword for one-of-a-kind hospitality ever since the mercurial French Caribbean aviator, adventurer and occasional treasure-seeker, Rémy de Haenen, first welcomed guests to his Eden Rock home in the 1950s. The place quickly established itself as the preferred private and discreet getaway for many glamorous Hollywood stars, who quickly became friends of St Barths.


What are the secrets of Eden Rock–St Barths’ success?

Above all, Eden Rock–St Barths wants to be a destination, a home, and not a hotel. We make sure our guests are welcomed as friends, as family. Our mission is to dissolve the entire corporate framework that imposes a formal distance between individuals. We aim to offer our guests memorable experiences, understand their expectations, anticipate their needs and to surprise them…


Can you give us an example of how the Eden Rock–St Barths experience is personalized?

We no longer have reception, nor concierge services– for example. Our teams anticipate the expectations of each guest by getting familiar with their habits. The onus is no longer on the customer to approach us with their requests.


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