Palácio Tangará features works by Romero Britto in the fourth edition

In March this year, Palácio Tangará, Oetker Collection’s first masterpiece hotel in South America, launched a project that transforms its common areas into an open-air art gallery. The first two exhibitions had works by Bia Doria, and the third saw Caciporé Torres showing some unseen pieces from his collection. The Open-Air Art Gallery project seeks to transit between classic, modern and pop, diversifying the choice of artists for the shows, aiming to promote Brazilian art and design.

Since 12th September, the fourth edition of the project features Romero Britto in O Senhor das Cores, which presents 20 works including paintings and sculptures, displayed in the hotel lobby, Parque Lounge & Terrace restaurant garden and the lobby. It will be the artist’s first exhibition in Brazil in five years.

“The Open-Air Art Gallery project connects guests and visitors with art and artists. Palácio Tangará is proud to offer a choice of leisure and culture with an artist with the prestige of Romero Britto for the area. It is an honour to receive the artist after such a long time without exhibiting here. We were pleased to be able to provide world-renowned works of art, such as those in O Senhor das Coresin common spaces of the hotel, shortening distances and democratising art, as they are open to visitors all day for guests and visitors”, claims Celso do Valle, Palácio Tangará’s general manager.

Robson Britto, the artist’s brother and agent in Brazil, curates the show, which is open for free visitation until mid-November. Among the featured works are Puppy Love and Flor.

Born in 1963 in Recife, Romero Britto began his career at the age of 18, a decade after perceiving his interest in fine arts. Based in Miami for over 30 years, he became one of the most prestigious artists among US celebrities, with over 60 public works spread across countries such as Switzerland, Germany and France, in several Brazilian airports and in New York’s two main airports.

As the most successful Brazilian artist outside the country, he pursues to express in his vibrant, colourful and geometric-shaped works an optimistic view of the world around him. He has had shows in galleries and museums in over 100 countries and, due to his pop style, worked with major consumer brands.

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