Paper Be Gone: Eden Rock—St Barths’ Concierge Desk is Digitizing

In preparation for the much anticipated re-opening of Eden Rock–St Barths this November, the Concierge Desk is saying ‘Goodbye’ to paper print-outs and introducing the new InsidER App. This user-friendly mobile application is a travel companion for Eden Rock guests, offering handheld access to island tips, local running maps and recommendations for restaurants and activities— straight from the Concierge.

Oetker Collection and Eden Rock–St Barths are on a continual mission to find eco-friendly alternatives that help to reduce waste whilst maintaining an exceptional guest experience. The InsidER App provides instant access to the top insider tips for St Barths. Guests are invited to plan their daily itinerary from anywhere. To make bookings, a quick call or visit to the Concierge desk is all that is required.

Why not begin planning your upcoming visit to Eden Rock–St Barths today?

Download the InsidER App free for iOS or Android.

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