Handcrafted Gordon Castle Gin from the Highlands

Agritourism has reached its most refined—and finely distilled— at Gordon Castle in the Highlands of Northern Scotland. There, a magnificent Scottish Walled Garden provides fresh botanicals to make the Estate’s award-winning Gordon Castle Gin. Handcrafted in small batches, the crystal clear gin is first steeped in handpicked mint, lavender and gooseberry, then distilled and bottled on-site.

In addition to the G&T classic clear version, Gordon Castle gin comes in two additional flavours: raspberry (from fresh picked raspberries that grow along the garden wall) and plum (from the garden’s plum trees possessing ancient roots) for creating craft cocktails. Each bottle is made in a limited production, making it a rare and elegant addition to your liquor cabinet.

A visit to Gordon Castle is like a journey back in time to when daily life was lived slowly and deliberately. A sip of Gordon Castle gin—with its traditional recipe and homegrown ingredients—provides the same sensation. The best place to sample it is within the stately residence of the historic Gordon Castle. With Oetker Collection Masterpiece Estates, you can escape to the Scottish countryside and inhabit the elegant Castle for an unforgettable stay amongst family and friends. All that’s left to decide is the mixer.

Discover more and book your stay at Gordon Castle here.

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