Top 5 Travel Tips from Leah Marshall, Hotel Manager at Le Bristol

Leah Marshall, Hotel Manager at Le Bristol Paris, shares her top five travel tips for moving around the globe in comfort and style.

Here’s what Leah has learned throughout her many glamorous travels:

. I keep a notebook filled with our guests’ restaurant recommendations that I can try out when I’m travelling to other cities.

. Always pack a good pair of walking shoes– and flip-flops!

. I never go anywhere without a hat, whether it’s a beanie for cold weather or a straw hat for protection from the sun.

. Bring a small handbag that is lightweight and easy to carry. It will make your life that much easier when you’re on the go.

. Last but not least, whenever possible, I take everything in my hand luggage so that it’s always by my side. That way, I don’t have to wait around at baggage reclaim (more time to explore!)

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