Interview with Carlos Fabbris, Human Resources Director and Leader of the Green Team ‘Burle Birds’ at Palácio Tangará

Meet Carlos Fabbris, our talented Human Resources Director and leader of the Green Team “Burle Birds” at Palácio Tangará.

What motivated become the CSR Patron for Palácio Tangará?

Taking responsibility for the Palácio Tangará CSR team was initially a request of my General Manager, as part of the duties of a Human Resources Director. With the involvement in the activities proposed for this committee, I began to feel that it was not just a task, but an opportunity to participate in something that can make a difference to the environment in which we operate, as well as our community. Today I see this role as being a kind of privilege.


How did you manage to integrate your skills and knowledge from previous jobs into this role?

Through the training and development of our team members, teamwork, effective communication, and especially enthusiastic organization, I have had the opportunity to make our goals within the CSR scope effective and produce results.


What do you enjoy most about that role?

The CSR team, which we call Burle Birds is a vibrant team with different lines of thought, but who are each fully committed to contributing. It is a pleasure to share these responsibilities with my wonderful such as Felipe, Catherine, Pedro, Marcos, Danielle, Juliana Longo, Guilherme and Luiz Otávio. Our meetings are always fantastic and very productive.


What do you find most difficult?

Initatives involving the environment are not simple and do not always produce positive economic results. Finding the balance between these results and the environment is the biggest challenge.


What are the biggest challenges for Environment in Brazil from your point of view?

Having Brazilians and our rulers fully involved in environmental issues is undoubtedly our biggest challenge. It is sad to see most of our rivers dying in our cities for lack of planning, by people who do not dispose of to the trash they produce properly, not to mention the deforestation that has shrunk our Amazonian forests and woods. This does not mean that we do nothing, we do, but still not enough.


You do a lot of really great work with Charities and organisations that support people that are in need of help – how come?

We are a great team at Palácio Tangará, and these initiatives are a way of repaying what we have received ourselves in life. The CSR / Burle Birds team has suggestions from organisations we can contribute to, and we aim to do 2 or 3 campaigns a year.


What CSR achievement are you proudest of?

We were able to accomplish several goals, but the action that really made us happiest was at the end of last year, when we sponsored an orphanage’s Christmas party, offering clothes, shoes, toys and food for the Christmas dinner. There is no price for a smile from a child.


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