MadC – Dialog exhibition

The sculptural paintings in the Garden of the Brenners Park Hotel where created by Claudia Walde, better known as MadC.

When Claudia was 16, she started painting Graffiti after reading about it in a book. Back in the 1970 teenagers in Philadelphia and New York started writing their nicknames on trains and thus caught the attention of the press. Thanks to this, a whole movement started which spread all around the globe and right into MadC’s new favourite book.

The structure of the sculptural paintings by MadC are made of steel, aluminium and rivets to remind of the surface of a train. The painting itself is done with Acrylics and Spray paint and show her recognisable style, developed through many years.

All sculptures also have a direct link to the hotel and their placement in the garden. After all, the idea of the exhibition is to create a Dialog between the two worlds. The first piece in front of the entrance “Ultramarine Lime” is composed on a noble, deep blue that feels like a deep breath, combined with fresh colours and lines to add spirit, levity and attention to detail.

“Neon Vermillion” in the garden right in front of Fritz&Felix is inspired by the restaurant’s philosophy of combining what was good in the past as well as in the present. Deep red is combined with fresh orange and yellow as well as silver. The new dynamic that emanates from the restaurant is shown through calligraphic lines and loose shapes.

The sculptural painting in front of the conservatory is called “Indigo Coelin” and represents the fresh breeze and light that floats trough this restaurant. The pink elements add sweetness and a bit of cheek, while the gold lines are inspired by the golden elements inside of the hotel. Depending on the light, the gold changes throughout the day, just like the light does inside the restaurant.

In front of the Villa Stephanie is a fourth painting called “Black Carmine”. This piece is of a refreshing nature thanks to the silver looking blues on black background and courageous lines with purposefully integrated drips. Thus it ts the modern touch of Villa Stephanie as well as the inner renewal you will find in the Spa.

The photo exhibition in the lobby shows a selection of MadC’s work on walls around the world and is a little trip into her creative history. Because all of MadC’s first paintings on canvas where on a white base, the sculptural painting here is also painted on a white background. This piece is reminiscent of the past and present of her career, with all the elements that make her artistic style unique – a combination of calligraphy, watercolour and spray paint.

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