Île de France Grilled Leeks with Oysters

This elegant starter is another gem from Chef Eric Frechon’s menu at Epicure. The blackened leaks create a delicate sheath within which the oysters are cooked in savoury seaweed butter. Where would we be without the creative joys of three Michelin starred cuisine?

Here’s how it’s made…


Serves 4



8 leeks
24 ‘Perle Blanche’ no. 2 oysters
4 slices rye bread
100g seaweed butter
2 yellow onions


Oyster vinaigrette

40ml oyster juice
30 ml lemon juice
12ml Xérès vinegar


Vinaigrette garnish

8 ‘Perle Blanche’ no. 2 oysters
20g shallots thinly sliced
24g lemon ‘brunoise’
40g melted seaweed butter
60ml oyster vinaigrette
13 chive stalks, chopped



Rye bread croutons
Chopped chives
Blazed onion powder



Cut leeks, retaining the roots and wash thoroughly. Wrap the roots in baking foil and bake under a salamander grill (or on the grill setting of the oven) until they begin to turn black and the inner flesh is cooked. Remove from grill and allow to cool. Cut the white part of the leeks into 2cm rounds and set aside.


Oyster vinaigrette

Whisk all ingredients together, cover and place in the refrigerator to cool. Toast the sliced rye bread and beak into croutons.


Onion powder

Peel onions and cut into small silvers 2cm thick. Place on baking foil and blaze on both sides under the grill. Set aside to sweat dry.

Once completely dry, blend in a mixer to achieve a powder consistency.


Presentation and plating

In a blackened leek leaf, place four oysters and top with four white leek rounds. Cover each with seaweed butter. Cook at 180˚ for 2 minutes.

Mix oyster vinaigrette with the garnish and dress each leek. Finish with toasted rye croutons.

Decorate with a sprinkling of onion powder and serve.


Bon appétit!

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