Gordon Castle’s Majestic Walled Garden

Gordon Castle is one of only a handful of properties in the United Kingdom to boast a walled garden—and one of the oldest to boot. The walled garden has been recently revived by award-winning garden designer Arne Maynard, who has tended to every corner of the vast plot with utmost precision and elegance. The master gardener has turned the previously neglected land into one of Britain’s most stunningly manicured gardens, and one worth a trip to Gordon Castle in Scotland to see.

What is a walled garden?

The walled garden is a centuries-old concept that takes advantage of a stone or brick wall perimeter to regulate the effect of wind and temperature on the crops. The wall absorbs the sun’s rays and traps the heat, allowing for fruit trees not usually grown in Northern climates to flourish as espaliers planted alongside the garden’s south-facing wall and trained to grow against it. In essence, the wall creates a microclimate for the plants.

Gordon Castle

The walled garden at Gordon Castle dates back to the 17th century and is a fertile, living vestige of Scotland’s proud history. Today, as in centuries past, the fruits and vegetables harvested from the land are cooked and baked into delicious food for visitors to the Estate. This year, the gardeners have grown raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and blueberries, as well as kale, beetroot, leeks, potatoes, carrots and so much more. And between the fruit trees and vegetable beds, seasonal flowers are perpetually in bloom.

Guests staying at the Gordon Castle Masterpiece Estate can enjoy a serene walk through the walled garden each day of their holiday, in addition to savouring its culinary bounty in meals cooked by the Estate’s private chef.

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