Villa Stéphanie launches its own tea creations

We would like to turn your attention to the topic of tea. Yes, tea. The drink that calms you down when you wish to relax and the one that gets you going when you need a boost. Tea is great. It keeps your body and soul in balance and is even considered a basic need in China.

The new Villa Stéphanie tea sensations have been created with the help of Dr Lars Peter Kuhr and his specialist knowledge on natural science and home economics. But this didn’t all happen by chance. For some time Dr Kuhr, founder of the QPNT nutrition concept, has been supporting the experts at Villa Stéphanie with his nutrition philosophy.

Each of the four teas – Daily Vitalizer, Inner Glow, Liver Cleanse and Sleep Deep – has been carefully blended for the Villa Stéphanie. In addition to the medicinal effects, the tea creations treat you to an aromatic taste experience.

Daily Vitalizer

Energizing tea for a swing in the morning and an energetic day. Fragrant spices and green tea give vitality and strength.

BIO Ingredients: star anise, cinnamon bark, green mint, green tea, ginger root and liquorice root.

Inner Glow

Blood-cleansing and liver-soothing herbs help the organism with internal cleansing. In addition, the pancreas is supported and the blood sugar level is harmonized.

BIO Ingredients: nettle leaves, fennel seeds, peppermint leaves, dandelion root, velcro root, red clover, turmeric root, liquorice root.

Liver Cleanse

This tea with its bitter sweetness increases the functioning of the liver and stimulates the bile function. The liver is particularly important in the breakdown of our metabolic end products. Bile ensures a healthy digestive process. The perfect detoxifier.

BIO Ingredients: dandelion root, ski sandraberries, dandelion leaves, fennel seeds, turmeric root, rosemary needle, liquorice root.

Sleep Deep

Relaxing tea for good nerves and calm sleep. It tastes slightly sweet and has a soothing effect. For all those who fall asleep hard, wake up easily at night or just want to relax.

BIO Ingredients: Oat straw, lime blossoms, chamomile blossoms, lavender blossoms, valerian root, liquorice root.

All of the four teas’ ingredients are certified organic.

Whether as an energiser, a harmoniser or for calming the nerves, tea’s the answer.

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