A Beekeeper’s Paradise, Château Saint-Martin & Spa

Last year, Château Saint-Martin & Spa launched a project entitled French by Nature to promote traditional French artisanship within the hotel. One aspect of the project is a collaboration with local beekeeper, Bruno Saison, who has set up and tends a small apiary in the hotel gardens. That’s right– Château Saint-Martin is making its own homemade honey!

The busy bees pollinate the gardens’ beautiful array of flowers and bring nectar back to the hives to turn it into delicious flower honey, or miel de fleurs– as it’s called in France. Eve Moncorger, Head Pastry Chef at Château Saint-Martin, has incorporated the house honey into some mouth-watering desserts like this summer’s signature, The Strawberry.

Château Saint-Martin is excited to be on this beekeeping adventure with the help of Bruno Saison, and to promote the heritage craft of apiculture as part of our future focussed CSR initiatives.

We look forward to hosting you soon at Château Saint-Martin & Spa.

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