Masterpiece Estates Host, Rupert Uloth

When you book one of the Masterpiece Estates for a private getaway, Oetker Collection offers the option of a handpicked Host to help make your stay as extraordinary as possible. Each property in the collection has a unique history, to which our charming Hosts have deep, personal connections. No one can bring the Masterpiece Estates to life for our guests as well as they can.

Rupert Uloth is one of our 5 Masterpiece Estates Hosts. Rupert has had an adventurous career, first as an officer in Household Cavalry regiment of the British Army, then as an Editor for Country Life magazine– where he spent 22 years. During that time, Rupert gained extensive knowledge in the finer aspects of life in the British countryside in general, and of some of Britain’s most iconic rural Estates in particular.

The Masterpiece Estates Host brings specialised knowledge that can only come from a personal history that is deeply intertwined with the land and local culture. Rupert is a devoted ambassador of refined country living, and will be happy to share with you and your guests the manifold charms of Oetker Collection Masterpiece Estates.

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