Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris, a Bedtime Story

Oetker Collection’s artist-in-residence Megan Hess has contributed her extraordinary talent to capture each of the Masterpiece Hotels in exquisite illustrations. Today, we acknowledge the artist for one of her personal endeavours– a whimsical children’s book entitled Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris.

A noted fashion illustrator, Hess has published several picture books on the subject of style, including — most recently — Iconic: The Masters of Italian Fashionand Paris: Through a Fashion Eye. It was during a rare quiet moment on a business trip to Paris, however, that she got the idea to write a storybook for children.

“I was sitting on my balcony at Le Bristol and I thought I saw a little mouse on a neighbouring rooftop scurrying across the building. I remember thinking how wonderfully chic it would be to live in Paris, even if you were only a tiny little mouse!” Hess recalls.

It was this fleeting image that would inspire Megan Hess to write a story about a very fashionable, brave and kind-hearted mouse named Claris, who comes into conflict with a hostile young girl and her cat whilst searching for the perfect home in Paris.

A rhyming tale of courage and grace, Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris by Megan Hess makes for a delightful bedtime story to read with the fashion-loving child in your life.

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