Meet Loïc Dantec, Head Chef at 114 Faubourg

Loïc Dantec is a rising French culinary talent and Head Chef at Le Bristol’s Michelin-starred 114 Faubourg.

Working under the partial supervision of Epicure’s Chef Eric Frechon, Loïc has absorbed the knowledge of a master, all whilst cultivating his own style and unique flair. The 114 Faubourg menu is anchored by elegant, brasserie-style dishes using the highest quality ingredients and infused with diverse flavours. Chef Loïc has also curated a special tasting menu that is available for lunch and dinner, allowing diners to discover five sumptuous dishes– from starter to dessert. Having taken over the helm at 114 Faubourg in 2016, Loïc Dantec has maintained the standard of excellence that earned the restaurant its Michelin star three years prior.

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