Frosé All Day

The frosé phenomenon has been sweeping the globe this summer and you can be sure that, if Eden Rock–St Barths were open, guests would be sipping their own at this very moment while admiring the view over St Jean’s Bay.

But it won’t be long before the grand reopening on November 20th, and the Eden Rockers have a special surprise in store.

A secret surprise.

Top secret…

(They’re pulling a frosé trolley out onto the beach for seaside service. There will be multiple flavours including peach, apricot, blackberry and grapefruit.)

We love secrets.

So, until that special secret is revealed, why not enjoy your own homemade blackberry frosé? Here’s how it’s made…



20 ml simple syrup
10 ml lemon juice
20 ml blackberry liqueur
30 ml cranberry juice
100 ml rosé wine of choice (darker rosés lend more flavour)
Ice cubes
Lots of love



Combine ingredients in a blender and blend on medium speed until smooth.


Enjoy one for us. Cheers!

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